Making a Start on Your Language

You've got your flight booked, you're bags are packed and phrasebook in hand, you're ready to go. Touchdown. Jump in taxi, find your page-speak your phrase, get to the hotel.

Great success

Everybody loves phrasebooks, they provide easy access to the language, maybe touching a bit on grammar and still getting you through when you're stuck. In my opinion they are good for a look at what the language looks like and the way it should be spoken, but people rarely speak that way; at least in my experience.

So during my journeys I decided that it was best to get the most common words down; things that I would say during a conversation and what I would most likely hear. In reality I think everybody in the world talks in a similar way about the same things: What you did at the weekend, the night before, what you ate for tea, did you see such a programme, have you seen this video, what's popular on youtube. Everybody has the same interests, and will ask the same questions.

With that in mind basic conversation should be easy!

I will provide a list of words that you will hear a lot and will use almost daily.
This list isn't definitive, just something that will help you a lot more and give you more confidence to ask for things than a phrasebook. If you can't translate them at home, ask somebody to help you in the hostel, hotel or wherever you stay. I guarantee the words will stick in your head far better than a phrasebook and if you do forget one or two, they are all there in front of you, you wrote them, you know where they are.

Word List

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