Sunday, 16 September 2012

The first post...

A blog for the knowledge seekers, communicators and language learners. 

While I dabble in the learning of languages, I am not yet the master of any. My tongue is presently getting wrapped around the beautiful sounding magyar (hungarian to those unfamilar), and is as close to fluent as it has ever been. What I lack most is the confidence to constantly rhyme off sentence after sentence as is natural in the mother tongue.
It has lapped up the linguistics of french in my school years and subsequently with only very rare use, has become fragmented and unusable; my ears were never trained to listen to it, so it was like a talking brick wall.
My tongue got very into what I consider top of the best sounding languages, Japanese. A very expressive language and relatively easy language to learn, though it can easily get harder when one wants to speak advanced sentences. Though a year out of action and its all slowly slipping away. Revision is most certainly necessary.
This blog will get updated from time to time, if I get any followers I'll be looking forward to a lot of input and progress from readers.

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